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2 Reasons to Use a Scissor Lift to Service Your Residential Clients in NY

Do you offer commercial window washing services and have decided to expand your menu of offerings by also serving residential clients? Are you now overwhelmed by the influx of residential customers and are searching for suitable equipment to safely and effectively clean a home’s exterior? Have you found that using standard ladders and rope will not suffice for residential applications? If so, then you should consider utilizing scissor lift equipment to help you provide the highest quality services to your clients. Here’s why.

Ample Support to Ensure Safety

One of the top reasons why you should use a scissor lift is so that you will be provided with a type of machinery that will offer ample support to ensure your safety. This type of equipment can lift you to 19 feet and more, allowing you to reach the heights necessary for a thorough cleaning without sacrificing your safety.

Mobility and Versatility

Another reason why you should consider utilizing scissor lift equipment is that it will provide you with the mobility and versatility required to ensure your clients’ satisfaction. Not only can this piece of machinery lift you to clean but it can also support a wide range of other applications, providing a means for you to offer even more services to your clients.

Rent High-Quality Equipment

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