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4 Reasons to Choose a Local Nursery Over the Big-Box Stores

Purchasing plants for your garden is an exciting part of the growing season each year. But should you buy them from a big-box store to save a few dollars, or from a nearby nursery?

Before you make your first purchases for the coming season, check out these reasons why many gardening pros recommend sticking with a local vegetable nursery in Skokie, IL:

Better Customer Service

When you walk into a local nursery, you are likely to be greeted by a staff member who will be available throughout your visit. The smaller profile of these locations means that customer service is easier – and more personable. Likewise, local businesses pride themselves on providing a level of customer service that big-box stores simply cannot.

More Knowledgeable Staff

In addition to a friendlier staff, your local nursery also boasts a more knowledgeable one. These gardening pros don’t double as stocking staff or parking lot crew; their entire job is caring for and selling plants. As such, they have more experience and understanding that translates to more effective answering of questions for you!

Highly Seasonal Stock

When you are starting a garden, you want to purchase plants in accordance with the upcoming season. While big box stores must wait for trucks to arrive with endless, cramped pallets of plants, your local nursery has been raising seasonal plants on-site for weeks. When it is time for you to get new plants at the peak of their seasonal best, your local nursery is ready when you are!

Healthier Plants

All that attention to detail in raising and caring for plants doesn’t just give you the best possible experience. It also gives the plants sold at local nurseries the best possible start in life. To get the healthiest plants and the highest yield from your crops, invest in the stock available at your local vegetable nursery in Skokie, IL. You’ll enjoy healthier, more productive plants that are free from disease and pests – and which will make for a better return on that investment.

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