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4 Tips to Improve Your Unconscious Bias Training Sessions

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your unconscious bias training sessions at work.

Find the right firm

When you look for consultants to carry out the training for your employees, make sure you find the right experts. Consider the firm’s consulting expertise. What kind of organizations do they usually hold trainings for? Are their modules and teaching styles a good match for your team? Figure that out before you hire them.

Provide proper messaging

Unconscious bias training can backfire on you when you don’t provide proper messaging for it. If you insist on the training, people may think they’re being forced to attend, that the training is a response to their biases and behavior on the job, which could put them on the defensive. That’s not going to help you get the results you want. Be clear about the messaging before you start asking people to attend.

Back it up with actions

Hiring pros to carry out training is all well and good. If you want to empower your employees, though, to make the kind of decisions that promote inclusion and diversity at work, reinforce these goals with actions. Walk the talk. Implement policies that support those views instead of keeping policies that openly support and encourage unconscious biases.

Educate on effects

Don’t forget to educate your staff on the possible consequences of unconscious biases. Some often think having biasesis acceptable because they feel it doesn’t affect anything, which is incorrect. If your campaigns or products are tagged as having anti-inclusion or anti-diversity sentiments, then people could boycott your products/services which will negatively impact your bottom line.

Don’t waste time and resources. Make the most out of your training sessions with pros by ensuring you’ve ticked these items off the list.