4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Corporate Heritage

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Sharing your corporate heritage with the public and with those who are a part of your company lets them see what your company has accomplished. But if the history is extensive, those people may not take the time to read it or even think to glance at it if it’s not exciting. Some people understand things through visuals and creative story-telling, which is why you’ll want to make your corporate heritage, however you choose to tell it, as entertaining as you can through these methods.

1. Publications

Corporate books can put all the important information about your company, from hardships to successes and achievements, in one place for anyone to buy on their own or read in an office. A book is a great way to celebrate an anniversary or major milestone and can update the history of the company. Entertaining brochures or magazines are another option to record the company’s history. These various publications are great for communication and marketing materials as well.

2. A documentary or promotional video

A video documentary or promotional video of the history of your company can be used online, in an office, or on other websites to make your business easier to understand and entertaining. You can get oral histories from employees, stakeholders, customers, and even past management. It’s a good way to get your entire company involved so they feel valued to the success of the company. Long or short, you can receive help from a company that specializes in preserving the history of your company

3. A corporate exhibit

The world of Coca-Cola is a great example of how a museum or an exhibit in one can make the history of a corporation come to life. While your company may not be able to afford an entire museum to showcase the company’s achievements and history, an exhibit is cost effective and It’s a great addition to your office or as a part of a local museum. A heritage management agency can help with the entire process of corporate exhibit development from concept design to installation to make your business’s history more entertaining.

4. Web design

With people constantly on their phones, tablets, and laptops, your audience can scroll through their phones and see your history on their screens if you have a user-friendly website and digital information on your company. One way to create an eye-catching campaign online is to create a story bank, which consists of images surrounding a key theme for any situation. Since a majority of the people a part of your company are going to be searching for information on your website, you want to make sure it’s visually appealing and easy to use so your audience understands your history.

There are countless ways to make your heritage available to your those who are essential to your company and its growth. There are heritage management agencies who specialize in creative solutions to help your company grow, so it’s important to find the right way to present your information to better the company! Contact The History Factory to know more information.

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