Accurate and Non-Destructive XRF Layer Thickness Gauging in Santa Cruz, CA

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Electricians

X-ray fluorescence, or XRF, is an analytical technique that non-destructively measures the thickness of coatings on base materials. Coatings add useful properties to materials, including corrosion resistance or hardness. Ensuring the correct thickness in coating application ensures coated products remain viable and not scrap material.

How XRF Works
X-ray thickness gauging exposes coated samples to a primary x-ray source. A detector measures the rate of secondary fluorescence emitted by the testing sample. The energy type and count rate indicate the material type and quantity.

Measurements can be compared to an initial reading from a master product to monitor deviations and thickness trends. This process can even function as an in-line installation to monitor trends in real-time.

Types of Measurement Applications
The measurement range can run from single layers to multiple layers. Analysis can even include readings for transitional layers between a base material and an exterior, multi-element a composite coating. An example would be a base steel material, a nickel transition layer and a copper-gold-cadmium composite.

Other applications include:

  • Binary composites
  • Thin film measurement
  • Analysis of plating bath solutions
  • Multiple layers
  • Measurements according to ASTM standards, including ASTM B568

Thickness Gauging for Multiple Applications
X-ray thickness gauging is a popular and ideal method for measuring thin films and coatings in multiple instances, including metal foil, film, nonwoven fabrics, adhesive tape, lithium-ion-based materials for battery electrodes and total-thickness and coating-layer thicknesses for various test subjects.

XRF is an essential quality control method for multiple operations and facilities, including general plating, military, aerospace manufacturing and automotive.

Benefits include:

  • Fast and precise returns
  • Results for multiple compositions and layers
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Quick report generation

To learn more about XRF as a fast and accurate thickness gauging method for a range of industries and processes, contact the experts in company-specific x-ray applications development at Micro X-Ray Inc. at 831-207-4900 or online at today.

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