Arranging a Catholic Memorial Service With a Funeral Home in Antioch

by | May 27, 2022 | Funeral Services

Catholic families increasingly are choosing memorial services instead of funerals when loved ones pass away. The Catholic Church has relaxed its previous stance on cremation, allowing this option as an alternative to burial. If they would like, families can have the urn buried in a cemetery connected with a funeral home in Antioch.

Choosing a Memorial Service

These families have attended memorial services and realized they prefer a more casual atmosphere. They also would rather not spend as much money on a full funeral with a prayer vigil. A director of a funeral home in Antioch helps clients arrange the kind of farewell ceremony they have in mind.

Catholic Features

Some features of the service will likely be the same as in a traditional Catholic funeral. The family may still have a priest speak at the ceremony, although the Eucharist cannot be administered at a funeral home. There may be Bible readings and hymns everyone can sing.

Printed Materials

The family may want to have memorial cards printed with details about their loved ones. A similar design could be used for leaflets to include in thank-you cards. Cards are sent to those who donated money or sent flowers. A guest book is standard for both funerals and memorial services. Attendees write their names and addresses. This makes it simple for the relatives to send cards without having to track down addresses they might not have. The funeral home can provide all of these items.

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