Chicago is a World-Class City, with a World-Class Crime Problem

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Security

Chicago is an exciting place to live and work; in fact, it’s at the apex of style, entertainment, and culinary delights. However, while Chicago has a lot to offer, it also has a lot of crime. In fact, the rates of violent crime in Chicago far exceed the national average, as do the rates of property crime. If you live and work in this city, wireless alarm monitoring is essential.

Traditional wired security systems connect each piece of the system to existing phone and electrical lines. This is reliable, but it can make adding or moving the pieces complicated. On the other hand, wireless security systems use WiFi and cell networks. Wireless systems offer the same protection, are easy to upgrade, and are cheaper to install.

A wireless security system can include security cameras, alarms, and even sensors and detectors, all wirelessly connected to a control panel. It can even include smartphone apps for remote wireless alarm monitoring. Finally, when a break-in is detected, the system can automatically alert the police.

Another advantage is that you can take a wireless security system with you when you move. You can also easily set the system up yourself since there is no need for hard-wiring. The disadvantage of a cheap wireless security system is that it can be hacked or jammed by clever thieves. So it pays to buy a high-end system, featuring robust data encryption.

Alert Protective Services can provide your Chicago home and business with 24/7 wireless alarm monitoring.

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