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Choose Stylish and Energy-Efficient Glass Window for Your Home

Some Idaho homeowners may be concerned with using too much glass in their home. They are interested in building a house that keeps the warmth inside during cold months and may think that glass will not provide as much insulation as a solid wall. On the contrary, technology has improved over the last eight to 10 years, and glass used in the construction of a home can have almost as much R-value as a wall. Average heat loss through these energy-efficient windows has been reduced by up to 40%, and their R-value is five. This highly evolved glass is intended to be used in new builds and remodels.

If you are planning a remodel of your home or a new build that includes new glass and doors in Idaho Falls, Johnson Brothers can make sure you install energy-efficient options. They work with all kinds of glass for construction, including skylights, and can provide glass products in a wide variety of styles. They supply wood, wood-clad, fiberglass and vinyl products that are designed to look stylish, provide insulation and last a long time. Both standard and custom sizes are available. They have partnered with manufacturer Andersen Windows, the largest and most trusted manufacturer of glass products for home construction in the country. Andersen has been making glass products with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind for generations.

When it comes to building or remodeling your home, keep the warm in and the cold out with the latest in energy-efficient windows. Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of natural lighting. Every living area, bedroom, dining room and greenhouse in your home can now let the sunshine in. As technologies improve, some architects believe that the world is heading to a time when home glass products will have an R-value in the seven to 10 range.

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