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We all know that the world is becoming more dangerous. Municipal budgets are under severe pressure and services are being cut back. Police departments are overextended. Companies and individuals have always relied on private security guard services, but the need is greater than ever now.

Security cameras are everywhere, but frequently are not monitored adequately or may not even be operating. Companies require a more integrated system, allowing real-time response to problem situations. Security solutions for the 21st century take advantage of state-of-the-art technology. This technology allows security firms to offer increased security to their clients while making the best use of their own resources.

A “Three in One Solution” offers a client:

1. Monitoring and advanced analytics from a state-of-the-art command center.

2. When an incident occurs, roving patrols investigate immediately. If necessary, the police receive a live video feed. Of course, recorded video is available later for evidential purposes.

3. Anywhere in the world, the client receives 24/7 security notification to a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and Android devices) and can monitor his business activities.

In addition to the above benefits to companies, the response time is shortened for liability and loss prevention incidents. Cash flow and critical assets are better protected. On education campuses, critical situations can be better managed, leading to increased safety for students and faculty. Real-time security monitoring combined with professional security personnel helps to maintain property values and to protect employees and others. It is to everyone’s benefit when security guards in San Antonio, TX are able to establish long-term relationships with people and to become very familiar with the properties. Anything or anyone out of place is spotted much more quickly.

SMR Security Services was founded in 2006 and continues to be owned and operated by Sishman M. Rimpson. They serve their clients in San Antonio, TX. SMR exemplifies the highest standards in their industry. Overall, the security guard services industry has a very high employee turnover rate of 30%. SMR is proud of their 4% annual employee turnover rate. This ensures that highly trained professionals deliver consistent service to their clients, many of whom have been with the firm since 2007. Clients receive the highest level of Security Surveillance At SMR Security Services.

SMR Security services is a San Antonio, TX based Security Service Company with quality team of security professionals who operate with 100 integrity in every job. For more information visit

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