Choosing a Supplement Contract Manufacturer

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Vitamin & Supplements Shop

Choosing the right manufacturer for your sports or dietary supplement is among the most important decisions you will have to make. This decision alone will help determine the success of your brand.

To find a supplement contract manufacturer that has developed a sterling reputation in the market and can meet all your needs, consider the following:

Quality Standards

It is extremely important that the manufacturer you choose produce products in compliance with industry leading quality standards. The best manufacturers maintain an in-house team of scientists who focus on herbal medicine, food science, chemistry, and biology. Companies that have made this investment are those trusted by leading names in sports and dietary supplements.


Your entrance into the market may be small, but always plan for success. The manufacturer must be able to produce multiple dosage formats and offer optional packaging formats. This will allow you to eventually grow your product offering and offer your products in forms most suitable for the markets you wish to address.

Help and Guidance

The best manufacturers have a great deal of experience with supplement products. You will want to work closely with one that can help you with everything from product formulation to packaging and distribution. All of this help and guidance will reduce the time it takes to reach your target markets.

Areas of Expertise

You must question potential manufacturers about the products they focus on. The supplement contract manufacturer that is deeply involved with products similar to yours will be the most efficient. These companies also have the manufacturing know-how to ensure there are no mistakes in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Lead Times

When you ask how long it takes from their receipt of your go-ahead to product completion, it is only natural that you would favour the manufacturer that can perform in the least amount of time. Although lead times are important, a high quality, safe product is more so. Look for a manufacturer that offers a realistic lead time based on procuring the best raw materials and test times.

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