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Chromavision Copy Protects Blu-ray Discs

Now that you have the Blu-ray Disc that you and your team worked so hard to create, you don’t want pirates to view or sell it by making unauthorized copies. Discs of this type are a popular format for files because their HD is superior to that of DVDs. Protect your investment by preventing people from ripping your disc by using the Copy Protected Blu Ray service at Chromavision.

We are the exclusive New York City licensee for Blu-Lock: BD Anti-Rip Copy Protection. This technology is the highly reliable standard that has been used by HBO, AMC, Lionsgate, and other studios and cinema chains.

Using Blu-Lock at our studios, we can protect everything on your disc, including special features and extra content. This safeguard extends to extra content, BD-25, and dual layer BD-50. The high capacity of these discs is another reason they are so popular.

With its introduction first in Japan in 2002 and then worldwide in 2006, movies and other large-content files could be easily stored on a Blu-ray Disc. It opened up possibilities for optical media and offered a step-up in quality for video media.

The process of copy protection does not affect the playability of the Blu-ray Disc, and it’s not noticeable to authorized users. Because we know how important it is for you to prevent pirates from ripping your Blu-ray Disc, the software we use to copy protect it is updated frequently.

At our studios, no job is too large or too small. We can protect one copy or millions of copies. Our studios also provide color printing and a wide range of packaging options for your Copy Protected Blu Ray. Contact Chromavision today so we can prevent the ripping of your discs and the loss of profits.