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Classification of Equipment made by Pharmaceutical Hammer Mill Manufacturer

Size reduction of materials is an essential process in many industries. Businesses use various hammer mill equipment to reduce the size of solid bulk material. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the sectors in which these equipment(s) are actively used to reduce the size of the bulk material into granules of uniform size. The pharmaceutical hammer mill manufacturer offers a range of size-reducing equipment(s) used in various stages of drug manufacturing.

This article will discuss various hammer mill equipment(s) used in the pharmaceutical industry and their uses.

Low-Energy Mills

  1. Hand Screen

The hand screen has a woven wire cloth stretched in a rectangular or circular frame. This equipment is available in various sizes ranging from 4 to 325 mesh. It is used mainly for sieve analysis or size reduction of dry and wet granules during the early stages of any formulation development.

  1. Rotary Granulator

In this equipment, the size of the material is reduced mainly through shear and some attrition. When buying this equipment from the pharmaceutical hammer mill manufacturer, you must consider the equipment’s oscillatory motion, speed and screen size. These machines are mainly used for the size reduction of dry and wet granulation and milling compacts and tablets.

High-Energy Mills

  1. Hammer Mill

It is one of the most used mills in the pharmaceutical sector. In this machine, swinging hammers are used to reduce the material size. This equipment allows you to reduce particle size in a wide range to fulfill your specific needs.

  1. Conical Screening Mill

This machine is perfect for wet and dry milling of soft to medium hard materials. The comminution chamber of this equipment has an impeller that rotates at variable speed. This impeller creates a compression force inside the conical screen.

  1. Centrifugal Impact Mills

This is another vital piece of equipment in the portfolio of pharmaceutical hammer mill manufacturers. The centrifugal impact mills and sieves have a nonrotating bar fixed inside a rotating sieve basket. This design ensures very low product agitation and impact, reducing any chance of heat emission.

These are some of the top hammer mill equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Check these out and choose the right equipment from a reputable manufacturer to ensure you get the best service.