Cleaning A Scene After The Death Of A Person In Oregon To Keep Everyone Safe

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Business

Any time that there is a death, the scene needs to be cleaned in some way. If death or an accident caused the end, then there will be a few more details involved with the cleaning process compared to merely sanitizing the scene if a death occurs because of natural causes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re involved with death cleaning Oregon companies offer.

Deaths That Are Unattended

Sometimes, there isn’t another person with the victim when the death occurs. This is known as an unattended death. Investigators work to piece together the details of what happened based on the evidence at the scene. As someone who works with death cleaning in Oregon companies perform, you need to try to limit your contact with any potential evidence until the scene has been cleared. Examples of these deaths include suicides, homicides, and accidents.

Bodily Fluids

Depending on how long the person has been dead, there could be fluids on multiple surfaces. The nature of death usually depicts the amount of fluid that is present as well. If the death was traumatic, then there will often be more fluids present than if the death occurred naturally. You’ll need to treat any scene as though the fluids present are contaminated by wearing the proper protection for your clothes and skin. Try not to move blood and other fluids to other areas of the scene, keeping the cleaning to the area where the death occurred.

Removing Remains

Most of the time, the coroner or medical professionals will remove the deceased individual from the scene. However, there could be times when you need to offer assistance, especially if the death was traumatic. You need to be prepared to cover the body and be able to securely lift the person onto a stretcher so that the person can be removed.

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