Consider Doors and Lighting Before Screen Porch Installation in Orange Park

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Pool Enclosures

Screen porches are continuing to become more popular because they provide a perfect place for family and friends to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without mosquitoes and other critters. They also add value to a home. Because there are so many new materials, design ideas, and products, planning the installation of a screened in porch can be a bit overwhelming.

One thing that a homeowner will need to consider before screen porch installation in Orange Park is the type of door they will use and its placement. Homeowners want to be sure that where the door is placed will not block the flow of traffic. Aluminum doors are usually a better option than wood doors. Wood doors do not seal as well as aluminum and tend to snag.

While a screened porch will allow a family to enjoy a lot of natural light while sitting on the porch, this type of home addition will likely lead to a loss of light inside the home. Before beginning the process of screen porch installation in Orange Park, a homeowner has to decide on the type of lighting they wish to install and where the lights will be installed. For example, they may decide to use ceiling fans with lights or recessed lighting. A great way to include a lot of natural light on a screened porch is by installing a skylight.

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