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Could a Government Cell Phone Help You?

Many people need a bit of help from time to time. Imagine being without a phone. For most people, that seems like an impossible situation, one that would cause hardship in a number of ways. A government cell phone may provide the lifeline a person needs. It may help to give them the connectivity necessary to remain on top of their plans, meet work obligations, and even to ensure they have access to emergency help if they need it.

Do You Need One?
For many people, a government cell phone can change the game. That includes providing access to family and friends, new opportunities for work and school, and resources. You may qualify for this type of cell phone if you are currently using other federal government programs. The federal government’s Lifeline program provides this type of service. Many people qualify for it even if they do not know they do.

The Lifeline program is designed to provide a free phone that does not require a fee. It provides unlimited texting and calls while also providing access to the internet. It is a true, high quality phone.

If you are currently receiving housing funding, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits, SSI, or other types of support programs, you may qualify for a government cell phone in this plan. Typically, these programs are designed for those who are low income, providing them with this important investment. Take the time to find out if you qualify and start on the plan to get the support you need.