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Debunking Some Incredibly Common Skincare Myths in New York City

As skincare continues to become more and more popular, there’s more information available to consumers than ever before concerning what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of one’s skin. However, as information becomes more plentiful, as does disinformation and bad skincare myths.

To ensure that you don’t fall for any big skincare lies, here are some of the biggest myths about skincare and their accompanying truths.

“Acne Disappears After Adolescence”

For the millions of adults struggling with acne, this myth is painfully untrue. While it’s true that acne affects adolescents more frequently than it does adults, the truth of the matter is that acne can affect people of all age groups. Thankfully, the top skincare products for adult acne can help to control blemishes and improve the appearance of the skin.

“You Only Need Sunscreen During Summer”

Not only is this statement extremely untrue, but it’s downright dangerous advice. Just because the sun feels less blindingly bright during the winter months doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pose a risk to the health, wellness and appearance of your skin. You can still get wrinkles and premature signs of aging from the sun during the wintertime. To preserve the health and beauty of your complexion, you should be wearing sunscreen each and every day of the year.