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Details Guests Are Looking for In Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding planning is stressful. There are decorations, dresses, and the menu to arrange. There are many people to keep count of. During this chaos, people often overlook the guests. The guests are an important part of your wedding, and they should be regarded in a dignified manner. Otherwise, you’d be the only people in the church with no one to witness your sacred vows. One of the best ways to respect and honor your guests is through the wedding invitations. Here’s a list of the essential facts that have to be included in the wedding invitations.


The names are a given. Most people don’t show up at every wedding invitation that they find in their mail. The guests need to know who’s getting married and to whom. Don’t it for granted that you’re the only person in their life who’s getting married.

It’s also a good idea to include the name of the host. It may be either the parents of the groom or the bride. Muslim wedding invitations will have all four parents listed, as it’s custom that both families host the wedding. Sometimes, it can be another family member as well. Whoever it is, you should acknowledge them in the invitations.


The guests need to know where to show up. Whether it’s a church, your backyard, or a hotel, they need to have the name of the location. You should also include the exact address of the place. You may also include directions, but that part is optional.

Day and time

Guests need to know the exact day, time, and year of the wedding. Some wedding invitations are sent months in advance to make it clear. You should also give a suggested time for when they should arrive, so they have time to plan.