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Donate Toys in India and Gift Happiness to Some Young Kids

Did you spend your childhood playing with the latest models of toys and boasting about them to your friends? Unfortunately, kids belonging to the marginalized sections of society don’t have the privilege of playing with toys. If you really aim to put a smile on their faces, you can donate toys in India to these kids.

Donate Usable Toys

Every child deserves to play with toys while growing up. It’s truly unfortunate that they don’t have access to toys because their parents can’t afford them. But you can help them.

Most of us have our childhood toys sitting in the corner of our homes. Why let them rot in a dark corner when they have the potential to light up someone’s life? You can contact various NGOs to ensure that your childhood toys find a new home.

Remember that toys are not just for entertainment purposes. They also help promote educational and emotional development in little kids. Apart from regular toys, you can also donate brain games and storybooks to the little ones.

Donate Toys India: An Initiative By Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has always been committed to enhancing the lives of kids in the poorest strata of society. They collect toy donations in India to add some playfulness to the lives of some young minds in the nation. They accept different types of toys, but some exceptions include Barbie dolls, swords or other toys with sharp edges, and guns or other violent toys.