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Face Mask Buying Advice

Keep wearing face masks to stay on the safe side of things. Even without the pandemic, having face masks with you is a good habit. If you have a cold and don’t want to spread it to others or if you don’t want to catch a cold from others. If you’re shopping for masks, here are buying tips to help you out.

Consider the Fit

The best face mask for adults is the one with a comfortable fit and which utilize a proper material. It should be snug against your face but not too loose that it has too many openings along the sides of the mask. That’s why it needs to fit snugly to ensure the maximum level of protection for you.

Secured with Ear Loops

Is the mask secured with an ear loop or with ties? That makes it solid and strong. It means the mask can’t easily fall off by accident. With secure ear loops, you can go about your business without worrying that the mask will come off. However, consider the fit. Does it pinch around your ears? Then look for a bigger size when you check out face mask selections.

Allows for Breathing

Are you breathing through that mask all right? If your face mask makes it hard to breathe, toss that away and try out something else. A face mask that restricts your breathing could be dangerous, especially if you have a respiratory condition.

Washable Material

Look for a washable material. However, pay attention to the material after you wash it. Does it retain its shape? Does it dry without any damage? If that isn’t the case, the fabric is likely a substandard material. Look for a face mask that’s more durable and can withstand repeated washing without getting damaged or changing shape BlueCut – Modern Uniforms, Workwear and Aprons.