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How To Boost Your Company’s Online Findability with New Orleans Search Engine Marketing

Findability is an important aspect for any business; after all, it’s why you invest so heavily in SEO. You want your target audience to easily find you. However, this is easier said than done. If you want to improve your site’s findability, here are simple changes you can make.

Try Search Engine Marketing

This is a practice of utilizing paid ads for your site or products to appear on the search engine result pages. You bid on keywords, and when a user searches for it your ad is displayed together with the search results. This is a sure way to reach your target audience because users are directed to you.

What’s great about New Orleans search engine marketing is you are connected to clients who are ready to buy. For instance, if you bid on the keyword ‘SEO services in New Orleans’ and a user searches for it, your ad will be displayed, and they might click on your website.

Offer Quality Content

The simplest way to improve your findability is to have high quality, useful content. By offering users quality content you quickly become their go-to and will get more visitors coming to your site. So how do you offer quality content? By having it well written. Your content should be easy to read, concise, and clear.

Pick a style guide and edit your work in a consistent manner so users can easily identify what they need. It should also be simple enough that an elementary school kid can understand it.

Use Simple, Functional Design

Two things help your site create a lasting impression on a user: how it looks and how fast it loads. However, while creating an eye-catching site will help draw in users, if it takes too long to load it can quickly put them off. Another easy way to improve your site’s findability and boost its usability is by opting for simpler coding to enhance the layout and page loading times. By using simpler designs, you reduce the file size of your pages which improves your overall accessibility while simplifying the crawling process.