How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight and Be a Healthier, Happier Pet

by | May 12, 2020 | Pet Care

There’s something cute about seeing a chubby pet. In fact, social media users have affectionally dubbed fat pets “chonks” and the internet is pretty crazy about these fat little fur balls. While the pictures of chubby dogs might be cute to look at, the sad reality is that obesity is just as dangerous for pets as it is for humans. If your dog is too heavy for his frame and needs to drop some pounds, here’s how you can help your dog lose weight.

Change His Diet

Sadly, a lot of mass-produced pet food is good for the owner’s bank account but not so good for the health of the dog who’ll be eating it. It’s tempting to want to opt for the cheap pet food in order to save money, but a lot of this pet food is full of fillers and grains that aren’t good for your dog’s tummy. Try purchasing raw pet food in Jacksonville. Raw pet food is closer to what your dog would be eating in nature and less likely to cause weight gain.

Get Your Pooch Tons of Exercise

Sadly, many dogs become overweight because their owners neglect to give them the exercise, they so seriously need to be healthy. If your dog is overweight, he needs desperately to be walked regularly and given opportunities to get as much exercise as possible. Skip those Saturday afternoons spent lying on the couch with your pup and trade them in for days at the park where your dog can run around and be the canine he’s meant to be. The exercise might be beneficial for you as well.

Remember, chubby dogs might be cute, but this simply isn’t a healthy lifestyle for a pooch. Invest in raw pet food in Jacksonville and get your dog plenty of exercise so that he can live a long and healthy life. Go to Earth Pets of Florida to find out more about raw pet food.

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