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How to Prevent Hidden Electrical Fires in Your Commercial Building in Amarillo

Electrical fires are tricky. To prevent them, you must use your senses. Here are warning signs.

Circuit Breaker Problems

If your circuit breaker constantly trips or blows fuses, there are faulty wires somewhere.

Strange Odors

When you smell a burnt scent in the air, take action. A persistent odor is a major warning sign.

Twitchy Lights

An incompatible bulb can make a light source flicker. If a lighting fixture flickers consistently, the wall switch may need maintenance or repairs. A fire protection service in Amarillo can help ensure you are protected in the case a fire breaks out.

Sizzling Outlets

Touch the plate on each outlet. If a plate is warm or hot, there is a wiring problem in the wall.

The Sources

If a wire malfunctions behind a wall, sparks will fly. These problems can start a fire.

Outdated Wiring

Old, deteriorated wiring is a fire hazard. If your wires are over 40 years old, it’s time to replace them.

Aluminum Wiring

Throughout the 60s and 70s, many buildings had aluminum wires. Today, copper wiring is the new standard because it is a better material. Aluminum wiring rusts fast, and rust is a fire hazard.

A Wobbly Outlet

If a cord wobbles in your outlet, the blades in the outlet are loose. A loose outlet gets very hot, so it can start a fire.

The best offense is a great defense. You can defend and prevent fires confidently with a fire protection service in Amarillo. If you want a full suite of fire & security services, turn to business name. This company offers a fire protection service that includes testing, inspections, installations, and more.