Information About Fire Systems For NJ Restaurants

by | May 29, 2020 | Fire and Security

As a restaurant owner you know how important it is to have the proper fire extinguishing system in case of a fire. For the safety of your customers, make sure that you only hire certified technicians to install and repair your systems. Below you’ll learn about the importance of installing fire systems NJ area restaurants.

Q. What type of kitchen hood system do I need for my restaurant?

A. A certified technician will come to your place of business and begin by measuring the appliances underneath the hoods, the duct system and the plenums. After taking the measurements, the technician will draw up the plans and give you an estimate on the size and type of kitchen hood system you’ll need.

Q. Do I have to have a permit to install a fire system?

A. Yes, all businesses are required to obtain a permit before installation begins. After the technician finishes drawing up the plans, you’ll have to get the plans approved by your local authority. After the installation is complete, your local Fire Marshall will have to come and inspect the system.

Q. What if the hood system needs to be serviced or repaired?

A. A certified technician can come and check out your system and make any necessary repairs. If parts have to be ordered, the technician will return to repair the unit after the parts arrive.

Q. How many portable fire extinguishers should I have in my restaurant and what kind do I need?

A. In addition to the Fire systems in NJ fire protection specialists will also install portable fire extinguishers. The quantity of fire extinguishers needed will depend on the square feet of the building and the occupancy limit. Technicians will place them in easily accessible locations, including at every exit door. Your restaurant is also required to have Fire extinguishers placed in areas where hazardous materials are stored. There are different types of fire extinguishers and each type is suited for a particular type of fire. For example, a Class A extinguisher is used to put out plastic, paper, rubber and wood fires, while Class C extinguishers are used for electrical fires. After an analysis of your business, a certified technician will advise you on the types and number of extinguishers you need.

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