Is An MBBS In Delhi Right For You?

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Medical School

Students in India with the necessary NEET exam scores can apply to complete an MBBS in Delhi. The most sought-after MBBS college in New Delhi is AIIMS. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences has a NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework) score of 90.69 out of 100. The next highest ranking is the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, which has a rank of 61.58.

The competition for seats to complete an MBBS in Delhi is very fierce. Students that obtain the necessary NEET score and complete the MBBS admissions process then go through a counselling process where they provide their choices of MBBS colleges in New Delhi.

Once the admissions process is complete, the student is notified if he or she is able to earn a seat for an MBBS in Delhi. Students then need to pay the required fees to be able to start the course. While AIIMS may be the most sought-after program, there are ten different MBBS colleges in Delhi, with both private and public options.

The Challenges

Students in India are well aware of the large numbers of students who write the NEET exam and the small number of available seats across the country and any particular area.

If an MBBS in Delhi is your goal, students may need to complete the NEET and pay all fees to take the test more than once to qualify for the cutoff and the rankings. In addition, students must meet other requirements for earning a seat, which is very difficult for many highly capable students.

An alternative to taking an MBBS at a medical college in Delhi is to apply to a recognized Caribbean Medical College offering an exceptional academic program combined with the ability to complete a PG in the USA.

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