Is it Time to Add Stretch Wrapping Machine Technology to Your Business?

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Packing

Each year, companies spend millions of dollars on product packaging. It’s important for shipping and storage but appearance is important too. When you have impressive goods, customers are more likely to buy your products. If you want to secure and protect your goods and deliver impressive packaging, stretch wrapping machine technology has much to offer. Here are some reasons to check into this kind of equipment for your company.

How Does Stretch Wrap Work?

Stretch wrap works on simple principles. For example, suppose you took a roll of plastic film (commonly used to store foods in the refrigerator) and wrapped it tightly around two containers of coffee. You could easily pick up the two containers as easy as one, and at the same time, you protect them from accidental damage and moisture penetration.

This is the principle behind the modern-day stretch wrapping machine. It tightly wraps plastic film around loads of materials to unitize them (turn many packages into one). By turning many packages into a single package, it’s quicker and easier to transport, store, and load for shipping.


One of the most important benefits you’ll notice concerns speed. An automated stretch wrapping machine can unitize an entire pallet load of materials in seconds. The process is very time-consuming if you do it manually.

Greater Speed Means More Production

If you’re currently limited on production because it takes too long to process goods, stretch film technology can help. It’s possible to unitize many loads in an hour and this lets you increase your output a great deal.

Limit Product Damage

A tightly secured load of materials is less likely to get damaged as you move it into storage or load it from the dock. You don’t have to worry about loads spilling when a lift truck driver comes to a sudden stop.

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