Live Like Meghan Markle: 3 Interior Design Tips for a Royal Look

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Furniture

Are you bored with the look of your living room? Do you dream of something so regal and sophisticated that it could fit right in with the royal family? Turn these visions into reality with our interior design tips!

1. Invest in High-Quality Furniture

If you want to live like a duchess, you’ll need the furniture of a duchess. Consider buying your beds, sofas and armchairs from a luxury Italian brand like Natuzzi. You don’t even have to hop on a plane; you can buy Natuzzi in San Francisco.

2. Replace Your Lighting

It’s time to say goodbye to those halogen bulbs that are as old as the house itself. Compact florescent lights (CFLs) are bright, trendy and eco-friendly, and they’ll quickly pay for themselves with their reduced energy usage. They can also be incorporated into a number of classy fixtures.

3. Choose a Flattering Color Scheme

You won’t find a lot of gaudy hues in royal residences. They’re decorated in elegant neutrals with splashes of color here and there for effect. You could learn a lot from their palette, so look at blogs, pictures and magazine spreads to get some inspiration.

Pull on your lace-trimmed gloves and prepare for a royal makeover. With the help of Ana Furniture, your home could be transformed into the next Buckingham Palace. We carry many luxury brands that are fit for a queen, including Belfast, Sheffield and Natuzzi in San Francisco!

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