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What to Look for When Buying a Laptop

When people are shopping around for a new laptop, there seems to be an endless stream of suggestions, recommendations, advice, and pressure from friends, family members, co-workers, and sales floor reps. Unfortunately, there is no cut and dry answer for what makes a good laptop or what computer you should go with. But as you are looking for computer options after you sell a MacBook or any other laptop and need to upgrade, here are the key features you need to check before you buy:

  1. Screen: The most obvious part of the laptop you need to make sure the screen size and resolution is right for the type of work you need to be doing.
  2. Keyboard: Laptops are known for smaller keyboard areas so it is a good idea to check that your fingers fit nicely on the keys so typing is not too difficult.
  3. Size: The wonder of the laptop compared to a desktop computer is that it is portable so make sure your laptop is not too heavy to carry around all day if you ever need to.
  4. Storage: Ensure you have enough storage space available not just for all your programs and accessories but free space and memory or else the computer will lag and crash.
  5. Battery: Most laptop batteries are made to last around 3-5 hours but some have shorter and longer lifespans. Be sure to check this feature as you shop.
  6. Wireless: Most laptops today are made with wireless internet access built in so make sure this is included – otherwise it might be best to look for a different computer.
  7. SD-card: Verify the type of SD-card the laptop has and make sure it is compatible with your phone, camera, and anything else you want to use the computer with.
  8. USB: USB drives are the norm now for everything from flash drive storage to headphones to wired mouse set ups so make sure your laptop has several to accommodate everything.
  9. CPU: There are a myriad of options when it comes to CPUs that you can choose from so check that the laptop you have your eyes on has enough power and speed to do everything you need it to do.
  10. RAM: The amount of RAM you need will depend on if you are using the laptop for basic things like web surfing and writing or for graphic heavy applications like video and gaming.

To learn more about what to look for after you sell a MacBook and need a newer laptop model, contact Sellyt and see the difference laptop buy-backs can make!