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Luxury Art Galleries

In order to get the most out of your luxury art gallery visit, it is important to take the time to learn about the art and artists you see.

Special Exhibits

Most luxury art galleries in West Palm Beach, Fl will feature special displays for a specific period of time. Generally, these exhibits will center on a particular theme or artist. Most of the exhibits require the curator to do research, planning and coordinating for the display. Visitors can learn quite a bit about the artist, their works, and the exhibits from the galleries.

Permanent Collections

Some luxury art galleries have exhibits that are part of a permanent collection which means the work will stay at the gallery. Typically, the gallery owns and shows these pieces of work.

Art For Sale

A luxury art gallery will typically display works of art that are also for sale. These works of art are usually by the newest hot emerging artist, and their works can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The works are displayed, and if they are sold, then the gallery will receive a commission from the sale. This arrangement benefits both the gallery and the artist.

Every gallery is different on how much commission they receive from sold art pieces. Some galleries may take a small percentage while others can take as much as 50% of sales price.

Whether your goal is to sell your art or to just display your works, you should always consult the gallery curator. They can explain the gallery’s policies on exhibits.

A luxury art gallery is a perfect place for artists to display their works and for art buyers to purchase fine works of art. There is a wide demand for art and artists. Art collectors and art lovers are always looking for the next great fine artist.