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Manageable Hair – How to Detangle 4C Natural Hair

With natural 4C hair, the strands form tight zig-zag curls from the scalp. This hair type also experiences the greatest amount of shrinkage. It is spongy and naturally dry in texture. Knowing your hair type is essential for knowing what products to use on your hair. Read on to find out how to detangle 4C natural hair.

Part into Sections

On wash day, you want to detangle your hair before shampooing. It helps to take one section and apply the conditioner from roots to end. You will need to find the best hair detangler brush to help with this process.

It helps to start at the ends and work your way up to the roots of your head. Another option is to run the brush from the roots to the ends. You would continue using the best hair detangler brush until each section is complete.

The Shampoo Process

Some people apply the shampoo in sections or to the entire head at the same time. People with 4C hair may only choose to apply shampoo to the roots of the hair. However, shampoo can be very drying on 4C hair. As you are shampooing, it helps to detangle with your fingers.

Condition Your hair

Hair conditioner adds moisture to your hair. Yow should apply the conditioner from the roots to the end. It helps to use a liberal amount of conditioner to cover your strands. You can also detangle while the conditioner is in your hair. A detangler brush can help with this step as well.

Detangling is important to keep from losing hair. You also do not want your hair to become matted. Contact at for supplies to help with the upkeep of your hair.