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Reasons To Consider a WHS Inspection

The goal of a WHS inspection for your workplace is to identify any specific or general hazards that could pose a risk to your employees and other people on the premises. It focuses on all applicable legislative requirements, including AS4804/AS4801. It is a legal requirement for most industries, but it is also morally right to perform them periodically. You can’t have a successful business if your employees get sick or injured because of things that could have been prevented. Therefore, it is up to you to request an inspection periodically to ensure that everything is as safe as possible.

A WHS inspection isn’t just designed to find out what is wrong with your building or storage. While it does focus on the hazards that are present, the inspector can offer advice as to how to fix these problems. Many times, they will generate an easy-to-read report that includes ways to fix the issues listed. You can also talk to them or hire a consultant to help you determine what other options you have to reduce hazards and risks onsite. Knowing what the issues are is half the battle; the next step is to fix the problems promptly to ensure that employees are safe.

SESA consultants conduct third-party inspections of your workplace to determine if any hazards could pose a risk to those onsite. Their experience in various industries and settings ensures that you get a WHS inspection that includes a report with all the risks listed and itemised, as well as appropriate control measures you might consider to fix the problem. These inspections cover many areas, including high-risk hazards, chemical risk assessment/management, physical/biological hazards, confined spaces, and many others. They also determine your current controls and ensure that they are still working; if they aren’t appropriate, you can receive information on how to improve on the existing controls.