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Safety Consideration in Firefighting Overhaul Operations

When it comes to firefighting positions, overhaul is one of the most time-consuming and dangerous. It doesn’t have the excitement of some positions since the work starts after the fire has been put out and the adrenaline is gone. However, it’s an extremely important part of firefighting and is counted as one of the five basic tactics. The others include extinguishment, rescue, confinement, and exposure protection.

Why Safety Matters

As overhaul operations are dangerous, it’s important to be prepared and stay safe while carrying them out. Some of the common dangers in overhaul include:

  • Chimneys can lose their support and crash down, causing death or serious injuries.

  • Structural items like walls and roofs can be compromised and need to be watched at all times.

  • Stairways can fall apart, causing fall injury for those who are going up and down them.

  • The air is often more toxic in overhaul than during the actual fire.

  • Electric and gas utilities, if connected, can lead to electrocution or explosions.

  • Visibility can be lacking due to smoke, obscured windows, and lack of light.

  • Fire fighting equipment may be used near other workers, requiring extreme vigilance.

Personal Concerns

In addition to these problems, of which we only listed a handful, firefighters have other concerns to keep up with. They can become tired and be injured. They also are often in wet or dirty areas with insulation and other debris nearby. Extreme temperatures, thirst, and hunger only add to the environment.

Tips for Overhaul Safety

We’ve looked over a number of concerns with overhaul, each of which is important to control throughout the process. Here are some things you can do to make the environment less dangerous and stressful:

  • Introduce portable fans to remove smoke and gases.

  • Conduct a risk assessment before assigning workers to an area.

  • Implement portable lights when needed for search and overhaul.

  • Occasionally assess the fitness level of those who work on overhaul.

  • Give workers an area that is large enough to allow for using hand and power tools.

  • Require all firefighters wear protective equipment while on overhaul.

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