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Spyderco Knives for Sale at

Blade-City offers an extensive list of attractive blades and devices for competitive prices. Have you ever thought about purchasing a “Steampunk Gun Blade” to decorate your collector’s room? Blade-City has it! How about a “Titanium Scorpian Whip?” That’s right, Blade-City has it! Offering everything from Karambits to Swords, its no wonder why Blade-City has Spyderco Knives for sale.

Spyderco is known for being an American-based cutlery company located in Golden, Colorado. Their reputation for creating quality folding knives stems back to the 1970’s. Their unique design of placing a hole at the top of the folding blade allows for ambidextrous use and quick opening which has become a staple of their design. Pair this with their tactical design and premium metallurgy and steel selections and you have a knife that is well sought after from many first-responders and private citizens alike. The value of these blades typically run in the hundreds of dollars! This is why has added to already existing great promotions by adding Spyderco Knives for sale!

Some honorable mentions on the website of Spyderco knives are:

The Spyderco Clipitool muli-function folder – a great multi-tool.
The Spyderco Roc Folding Cleaver – great for chopping.
The Spyderco Genzow HatchetHawk Axe – knife won’t cut it? Try a high-performance utility Tomahawk!

With so many options available to satisfy your cutlery needs, why wait any longer? Start, add to, or complete your collection today at Blade-City!