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Steps Technicians Often Take in Cleaning a Crime Scene in Oregon

When a crime is committed, there could be blood and other fluids that need to be cleaned from the scene. There are usually other items that need to be safely removed so that they can be examined. Professional technicians are usually called to perform the cleanup. Here are just a few things that are involved during the process.

Removing What’s Left

One of the first things that an Oregon crime scene cleanup crew does when they arrive is to remove the body if someone has died. They will then begin removing blood and any other matter that’s left behind so that the scene can be processed by investigators. Most areas are divided into zones that include a safe zone and those where biohazards could be present and removed.


There are various products that an Oregon crime scene cleanup crew typically uses while they are at the scene. The cleaners aren’t those that are usually found in homes. They are strong forms of bleach and other disinfectants that remove as much blood and other matter as possible after furniture, flooring, and other items are removed. The products are used before any type of renovations are done as well so that odors aren’t present and so that bacteria doesn’t grow.


A UV light is often used after the cleanup process to make sure there’s no blood or other fluids left behind. An ozone light can be used as well to remove molecules that are in the air that could contain bacteria and that can remove smells that are left behind.

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