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Styling Your Outdoor Dining Table for Spring

Our long-awaited spring season is finally here! It is time to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s still here.

Spring is a perfect time to entertain outdoors, and backyard dinner parties are the ideal way to go. Of course, when entertaining outside, you want your decor to match or even elevate the beauty of nature around you. Or, maybe you aren’t surrounded by nature. Then, it is your task to make it feel like you and your guests are immersed in nature.

First, you will want to start with a stellar table and chairs. Basic outdoor furniture is not going to work. If you are planning a large event, buying for your business, or designing a space for a more prominent client, check out TB Contract Furniture. Located in Los Angeles, California, TB Contract hand selects imported European commercial outdoor furniture to give their clients durability and comfort. Their commercial lounge furniture, tables, and dining chairs all possess a modern feel that your clients will just die for. To make a statement in your outdoor space, head to TB Contract Furniture today.

When setting up your table for entertaining, you don’t want to just think about plates, silverware, and glasses. While those also need consideration, dinnerware is something that will obviously be on the table. You can keep it simple with plain colors or go bold with patterns, metals, and glass. While neutrals are always classic, don’t be afraid to go bold with color this season. 2022 is filled with bright colors, so embrace those colors in your next outdoor party.

Linens are another excellent choice for adding a pop of color or different texture to your table. You can arrange napkins in fun and classy ways, and you can invest in either a matching tablecloth or a long table runner. Table runners are a popular favorite because they still show off the table’s wood grain underneath and can be bunched and tied to add texture.

Adding natural elements to the table can enhance the nature around you and beautify your table. For example, colorful in-season blooms or fresh-cut greenery can be laid on the table, strung above the table, or placed in bud vases to create levels throughout the table.

Consider adding candles as well. Even if they remain unlit, candles bring consistency, height, and metal candlesticks to tie the table together. And, if your party extends into the night, you can light the candles for a cozy glow.

Speaking of cozy glow, you will want to think about lighting options. String lights and Edison bulbs are always a classic choice. Fairy lights can be strung through trees or hung vertically for whimsicality. You can either purchase lanterns or find a tutorial on how to make them. These can be strung above your guest’s heads at different heights or placed throughout the outdoor space. There are endless choices and endless ways to bring out your creative side when it comes to lighting.

The way you decorate for a party depends on your personality and interests. Sure, you can pay attention to trends and what others are currently doing, but remember, you are throwing this party- you deserve to love what you put on the table (literally).

To browse more commercial outdoor furniture options, head over to TB Contract today. Then, start planning your party with the right furniture. And remember, you’ve got this!