Sweet Almond Oil: Many Benefits

by | May 22, 2019 | Aromatherapy Supply Store

Sweet almond oil is well-known for its beauty and health benefits. Of course, science took longer to catch up. The almond is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein. Therefore, it’s good for your body, but also good for the skin and hair.

There are two variants: sweet and bitter. Bitter oil comes from bitter almonds that have amygdalin, which turns into a toxic hydrocyanic acid when processed. Most wild almond trees produce these almonds, which can be fatal if ingested. While it has some medicinal properties, it isn’t often used.

Sweet almond oil, on the other hand, comes from edible almonds and are selectively chosen for their sweet taste. The oil is primarily used for hair and skin care needs, but it is also used in the culinary world, as well. It can deeply clean your skin and give you smoother, more flawless skin, as well. It’s light but penetrates deeply, which can soften the pores and dislodge debris and dirt in the hair follicles and pores. It’s also mild and hypoallergenic, which means you aren’t likely to be allergic to it and it works well for sensitive skin. It can also be used for infants.

N-Essentials offers sweet almond oil for sale on its website. You’re sure to enjoy the fact that it is a carrier oil, which means it doesn’t have a strong scent and can be mixed with other essential oils. You can get a truly personalised scent, but you get all the benefits of the almond oil, as well as the essential oil of your choice. Therefore, it is an excellent product to use by itself or with other oils. The oil is primarily cold-pressed, which ensures that it retains its flavour and aroma for longer, making it an excellent choice for skin-care products.

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