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The Benefits of Mobile Shredding in Los Angeles

Taking care of shredding confidential information in-house can lead to many issues for any business. Employees can get careless and leave documents on desks, or in a pile while waiting to be shredded. That provides the opportunity for information to get lost, seen, or stolen, which increases liability risks. Providing small shredders may appear to be an answer, but they can only shred a few sheets at a time and need to be replaced often, which can significantly increase operational costs. They also only cut in one direction, so it is possible to put pieces back together and read information.

Utilizing the services of Mobile Shredding in Los Angeles has many benefits for any sized business. First, the bins are provided by the company, so there is no initial cost to beginning services. The second benefit is that services are cost-effective and can be customized based on the needs of the business. A large business that has many documents to be destroyed can have a mobile unit arrive a few times per week, or daily if necessary. A small business can arrange for pick-up every eight weeks of that will suit the needs. Bin sizes and pick-up times are flexible to keep costs affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

The best benefit of Mobile Shredding in Los Angeles is that cross-cut shredding is completed on-site with witnesses present. The unit operator and a representative from the business watch the document destruction via video was taken by cameras inside the shredder. Once shredding has been completed, a certificate is printed out that includes which bins were emptied and how much material was in each one, and the time and date of the shredding. Both witnesses sign the certificate, and the business has a copy for their records. That provides proof that confidential documents were shredded should liability ever become an issue.

Other benefits include the possibility of lower liability insurance rates, depending on the insurance company, secure practices for destroying information, and proof of regulatory compliance for any inspections or visits by oversight agencies. Business managers or owners can go to website for detailed information regarding the process, and free consultations and estimates for services.