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The Best Home Security Systems in Evanston

Today, technology has brought us several kinds of home security systems in Evanston to depend on. Our lives are much more secure because of these alarms and detectors that let us know of unwanted activity and presence. Let’s study some of the best kinds of digital home safety solutions today –

Passive Infrared Alarms

These are about the most used forms of home security systems today. These detect activity with the use of motion and body heat. They sense the difference of infrared body heat in layers, with specific ‘dead zones’ in between to compare to. They are quite affordable, and found in most homes and smaller business establishments.

Ultrasonic Detectors

These alarm systems work by ultrasound above the audible range of humans (between 15 and 75 KHz) and work the same way bats navigate in the dark. They emit a constant vibration that reflects off fixed solid objects like walls. If a soft body comes in the path though, the sound waves are absorbed, and the sensors trigger the alarm.

Glass Break Alarms

Home security systems in Evanston often use this form of alarm system that detects the sound of glass breaking. These detect sounds under 20 Hz (below the human ear’s range) and trigger the alarms. They are rather primitive, and can be easily avoided. However, with most break-ins being amateur, these alarms are common in many homes.

Vibration (or Shaker)

Mostly used outdoors, these alarms are among the most simple, yet effective home security system. An electrical circuit is made unstable with loose components. Any extra movement like seismic activity trigger of the alarm as the circuit is broken. They are often use as earthquake alarms, but can be used as burglar alarms when you are on holiday and don’t expect any visitors!

Passive Magnetic Field Detectors

Each human body has its own magnetic field that can be detected. Passive magnetic field detectors use this simple way to be among the best used outdoor home security system. They emit a mild magnetic signal of their own and are triggered off if a human body or equivalent magnetic field interferes in that range. These are quite costly, but equally reliable as perimeter alarms.

Now that you know how different kinds of intruder alarms work, you can choose from which system would apply better for your needs. According to the extent of the area to be covered, you can choose any of these high tech and effective home security systems in Evanston to better secure your home from unwanted visitors.

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