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The Importance of Insurance in Personal and Professional Financial Planning

As a responsible person, you plan ahead. You create a budget and decide how to spend your time and money based on your planning. One of the most important pillars in good St. Augustine financial planning is using insurance to mitigate the risks of large, rare events. On a personal basis, insurance means protecting yourself and your family from large, negative shocks to your income or well-being. If you own a business, then you will interact with insurance by buying protection for the business itself as well as managing the benefits packages for your employees.

All of these are complex decisions, because insurance comes in many forms. After all, there are many kinds of risk. Protecting yourself means finding the right kind of insurance to suit your needs. This isn’t something you can work out as you go along– you need to work with a company that can understand your needs and find you the products that are a good fit. Finding an individual fit isn’t something you will get by working with the big brands and using their out-of-the-box products. For St. Augustine financial planning, a local company that understands you and what you need is the best way to ensure your insurance will combine protection and affordability. They can take the time to understand what makes you different from their other customers and tailor their proposal based on that knowledge. They will know you, your town, and your needs, and that means they can help you make the best decision.

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