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Things to Know About Cleaning Porcelain Tile in Miami, FL

Porcelain tiles are the most efficient and long-lasting finish for your floors. In comparison with regular ceramic tiles, a porcelain tile in Miami, FL is made with sand and feldspar that ensure less moisture absorption.

Apart from being stain resistant, porcelain tiles are also easier to maintain. Their smooth glazed surface can be cleaned easily with proper care. There are many different tips that can help you clean different types of tiles, including porcelain tile in Miami, FL.

1. Sweep the Dust

When you get high-quality porcelain tiles from a reputable supplier such as RPS Distributors Inc., you don’t have to clean the floors rigorously. Instead, just sweep all the dust away from your porcelain tiles with a vacuum cleaner. If you must, use a dry mop instead of a broom to get rid of the dust.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

To ensure that your porcelain tiles last for years, it is important to avoid using chemical cleaners. Some cleaning materials contain bleach or ammonia that can erode the porcelain tile over time. For regular cleaning, all you need is some warm water and a mop. For more rigorous cleaning, you can use a mild detergent with warm water once every few weeks.

3. Remove Stains Efficiently

A common mistake when cleaning porcelain tiles is to use detergent all over the floor. Instead of spreading a chemical detergent across the floor, restrict it to only remove stains from affected areas. By using this efficient method of stain removal, you can save time and avoid long-term damage to your porcelain tiles.