Three Ways to Discover if Your Roof Might Need to Be Replaced

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Roofing Contractors

St. Augustine is a wonderful place to live. It has Castillo de San Marcos, a stone fortress which serves as an impressive reminder of the days when Florida was under the control of the Spanish and the local Alligator Farm Zoological Park has been in operation for more than 100 years. The Pirate and Treasure Museum contains the blunderbuss of the notorious Blackbeard. Those lucky enough to own a home here have a great location on their side. To protect that home, here are three warning signs that it might be time to replace the roof of your St Augustine home.

Check the Attic

Are there any shafts of light visible when you look up? This could be an indication that leaks are present. Also, be mindful of any unpleasant smells. Those might be the result of water getting past the roof and causing damage. With a new roof, St. Augustine weather won’t get the better of your home.

See If There Are Sections of the Roof Growing Moss

If there is, it is possible that moisture is getting underneath the roof. That water could be what is allowing the moss to grow. Water getting past the roof doesn’t necessarily mean the roof needs to be replaced; it could just need a repair. However, another possibility is that major structural damage is being done.

Check for Any Sagging Areas

This is a big clue that a roof is in need of replacement. If there are areas of the roof that are misshapen, then the roof is not accomplishing its main function of protecting the home’s structure. Replacing the roof, at this point, is going to save a great deal more money in the long run than it will cost.

There you have some clues that you could have a roof that is in need of replacing. You may need a new roof in St. Augustine to keep your family’s home unit safe and dry for years to come.

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