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by | Sep 12, 2019 | Business

What to Include in Your Trade Show Booth Rental to Stand Out from the Pack

If you plan to rent a booth for a trade show so that you can promote your brand to a wider audience, you’ll want to include some things to help you stand out from the other booths at the show. Here are three things that your trade show booth rental should include.


Signs with bright colors and clear text often work well in capturing people’s attention at trade shows. However, you’ll want to refrain from overdoing it with the color schemes to avoid looking over-the-top with your marketing efforts. Digital signage can also be effective and will give your trade show booth a more modern flare.

Business Cards

Simply handing out business cards at your booth can be a great way to grow your customer base. The name of your business along with your name and the position that you hold in the company should be included on your cards. A phone number, an email address and other ways that customers might be able to contact you should be featured on your cards as well.

Promotional Items

People love to get free stuff, and offering free promotional items from your trade show booth that feature your company’s name and logo can be great for your marketing efforts. Pens, water bottles and T-shirts make great promotional items that can often be produced inexpensively. Other promotional items that you might want to hand out include keychains, drawstring bags and sunglasses.

You can make the most of your trade show booth rental by including the things that will showcase your company in the most positive light. Having these items available on the day of the trade show will increase your chances of success and help everything run smoother throughout the event.

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