The Various Duties of a Dental Assistant

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Dental

A quality dental assistant is very important to the success of a dental office. They help out wherever they have to, and with whatever is assigned to them by the dentist, including interacting with the patient. So, if you are curious about dental assistant work or even thinking about entering dental assistant training in Jacksonville, FL area, here is a short guide of what you’ll be in for when you get the job.

#1. Patient preparation
A dental assistant must be ready to ease the patient when they are feeling restless. It’s easy for a patient to become agitated when sitting in that chair waiting for a stranger to stick metal objects in their mouth, especially if it’s their first time visiting a particular dentist. A dental assistant’s job in this case, therefore, is to ensure that the patient doesn’t turn into a giant ball of nerves, impossible to untangle. This could include anything from having a conversation with the patient, to explaining that everything is going to be fine and walking them through the process.

#2. Assistance during the operation
When a particularly serious operation is underway, the dental assistant must be there to provide the dentist with whatever they need. Be it cleaning and sanitizing equipment, drying the patients mouths via suction hoses and other such equipment, or completing tasks around the lab and processing x-rays.

#3. Perform tasks for the dentist
Depending on the state, a dental assistant will be allowed to perform certain tasks on the patient while the dentist is busy with other duties. These are four of the procedures they’re allowed to perform: application of fluoride, application of sealant, topical anesthetic, and coronal polishing. Each state has a different regulation of scope for the practices dental assistants are allowed to perform on their own, so be sure to do your research for which ones you’re allowed to do in your state. Doing otherwise may get you a malpractice charge, which is not something to take lightly.

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