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Want a Destination Wedding? Must-Know Planning Tips

Planning for a destination wedding can be the right move for you and your fiancé. Here’s how to plan for one:

Easy access

Pick one that’s accessible or easy enough to get to for family and friends, suggests Conde Nast Traveler. That’s a good piece of advice to remember when you choose a spot for your destination wedding in Texas Hill County. If there’s a convenient transportation hub nearby, all the better. That’s going to mean less headaches, stress and lost or late guests to the wedding.

Get a package

A package will take care of many details of the wedding, from the vendors to the site. That could help solve a lot of your problems. If you’re on a tight time line and you don’t want to miss any of the important details, going for a destination wedding package in Texas Hill County can be a Godsend. You won’t have to worry about reaching out to vendors or finding them when you’re under a lot of stress and little to no time on your hands.
Send your invites early

If you’re inviting guests from out of the country, send out your invites quite early. Give them more than enough time to prepare for the event, book tickets and hotels and generally take care of their schedule. If you wait until the last minute, the chance of sharing such an important day with relatives or loved ones will be poor.

Check local laws

You’ll need to get a marriage license locally. However, some have time restrictions between the receipt of the license and the execution of the license. In Texas, there’s a 72-hour waiting period. You’ll need to remember and abide by those rules if you want to make sure your wedding goes off hitch-free. Planning for a destination wedding should be fun, especially with handy tips like these.