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What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Day Care Facility

Doggie daycares are a huge part of the country and makeup one of the fastest growing business types in the pet care industry. For many pets, doggy daycare is a fantastic option. However, opening one of these facilities requires little oversight, which puts the burden on the customer to ensure the location they use is as good as necessary. We know how important people consider their pets, which is why we wanted to provide ideas for things to look for when deciding on a facility for your pooch.

Staff Qualification and Experience

When searching for a dog day care in Pennsylvania, you need to be sure the staff members are educated on things like dog body language, behavior, play style, and health. There should be CPR certified workers available at all times in case something goes wrong. Inquire about the education the staff has and look for those who have had professional training.

Think Like Your Pet

You want your dog to be safe and secure, so you need to think as they would. Is the yard secure? Are the other dogs in pleasant mood? How many places are there for rest? What amount of time will the dog be in a group each day? Consider the cleanliness of the facility and whether the dog has its safe space in the facility.

Activities and Development

Any professional dog day care in Pennsylvania should be able to provide you with a schedule of activities for the pets they are taking care. Ask to have a copy and look it over. You want to see times set aside for cleaning, feeding, playing, and education. The policies and provided schedule should be openly offered to you. If you have to put a lot of effort into receiving a copy, it might not be the best facility.

Dog Rearing Philosophy

A modern doggie daycare should have a positive reinforcement technique for the pets who stay there. If this isn’t the case, you do not want your dog to spend time there. Even if they do offer positive reinforcement, ask for specific examples. How are the dogs praised? What are they praised for? Determine if these methods are similar enough to yours to work for your pooch.

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