Wholesale Mexican Food Distribution in New Jersey Addresses Three Main Differences Among Regional Restaurants

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Foods

In general, there may be three types of Mexican restaurants in the northeastern United States. All these establishments need wholesale mexican food distribution in New Jersey so they have the right ingredients for their menus. One type of establishment features only authentic Mexican cuisine and components. Many menu items may seem somewhat puzzling to people who are more familiar with the second type of establishment, one in which the cuisine is Americanized to a large extent.

The more Americanized menu probably features cuisine from the southwestern tradition, such as chimichangas, and cooking styles that reflect the U.S. region where the restaurant is located. A large amount of cheddar of Colby-Jack cheese melted on top of burritos is an example. Hard-shell tacos and nachos smothered in processed cheese also are not associated with true Mexican cuisine. The third restaurant is mostly authentic, but the chef is willing to blend in some of the Americanized food that patrons love.

Technically, even burritos and fajitas are not traditional Mexican foods. That’s bound to surprise many individuals who love these menu items. These food creations straddle the border to some extent, with people in the northern part of Mexico having become accustomed to the relatively recent addition of them to a standard menu. Deep-fried ice cream isn’t Mexican either, but a large number of Mexican restaurants offer it because they know how popular it is.

Restaurant customers who are interested in focusing on foods that people actually eat regularly in Mexico will want to understand more about regional differences there. They’ll want to learn how those meals contrast with those in most Mexican dining establishments in this country. The authentic cuisine will typically be characterized by ingredients such as fish, crab meat, shrimp, chicken, shredded beef, along with corn and other vegetables. Cheese is used, but it’s lighter fare and melts smoothly. Black beans, pinto beans, and rice are staples for which the northeastern U.S. restaurants rely on wholesale Mexican Food Distribution in New Jersey. Any restaurateurs who want to feature more traditional items on the menu may schedule an appointment with a distributor such as Best Mexican Foods.

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