X-Ray Implement Manufacturers Take on New Role of Importance

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Industrial Goods and Services

The global medical x-ray tube market is experiencing dramatic growth. Several factors are contributing to a rapidly expanding need for x-ray technology, not the least of which is a growing elderly population. Another factor has been a surge in chronic diseases produced by our modern lifestyles. Sedentary jobs where people sit in front of computers in office cubicles means people are not getting enough exercise. We also eat too many unhealthy foods.

In addition, the simple fact is that the number of health care providers is increasing to handle more patients. The proliferation of more providers is partly the result of the ACA act passed in 2010. That produced some 32 million more people with health insurance coverage. With millions more patients streaming into the system, the facilities need more infrastructure.

A report published in Global Newswire indicated that, as of 2017, the global x-ray tube market was valued at $2.42 billion. By 2023, that value is expected to reach $3.3 billion. That is an increase of 5.21%. Consequently, x-ray tube manufacturers are beefing up their capabilities to meet a robust demand globally.

Health care providers rely heavily on diagnostic tools to access injury levels and determine the correct treatment for patients. The number of medical cases that require x-ray diagnostics has increased at a rapid pace. Another reason for this is actually a positive development – the rapidly improving global economy.

Better economics has resulted in millions of people being uplifted to middle-class status. Now more people can afford to buy cars. This translates to millions of more car accidents. U.N. statistics show that some 40 million people are injured every year in vehicle mishaps. It’s a huge increase over just a few years ago.

X-ray tube manufacturers like Micro X-Ray Inc. have clearly taken on a new level of importance for the critical components they supply to health care providers who save lives every day

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