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2 Types of Croton Plants You Should Acquire for Your Garden in Florida

Are you looking at your garden or yard and are wondering what you can do to bring it to life? Are you looking to add color and uniqueness to your landscape but do not know which types of plants to acquire? Are you looking for an easy to grow and low-maintenance type of plant? If you answered yes, then here are two types of croton (Codiaeum variegatum) plants you should procure for your yard or garden.

The croton mango plant produces intense yellow and green color foliage that turns dark red, reminiscent of the mango fruit as it ripens. It is perfect for your yard or garden and offers unique distinction with its long broad and pointy leaves. This variety of croton plants in Miami FL can be planted directly on the ground but also thrives when potted. The mango croton is perfect for times when you want to rearrange or relocate your landscaping plants. They grow in full or partial sun and are suitable for hardiness zones 10 to 12.

Just like the mango variety of croton, the mammy croton plant can also bring life to your landscape with its intense and brightly colored foliage. It, too, has long broad, but curly, green and yellow leaves that also turn dark red. Its leaves also have a leather-like appearance with a distinctive shine. This plant also grows in full or partial sun and is also suitable to plant in hardiness zones 10 to 12.

Top Quality Crotons
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