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2 Types of Objects Produced Using a Lithography Machine and HSQ Resist

Hydrogen silsesquioxane resist is a high-resolution negative tone inorganic compound that has been used in electron beam lithography and photolithography to achieve fine resolution while providing excellent etch resistance. Perhaps you are wondering about the types of products that are manufactured using this type of machinery and an inorganic compound. Here are two types of objects that require the use of hydrogen silsesquioxane resist for production.


One type of object that is produced using an advanced microlithography system with hydrogen silsesquioxane resist are holograms. Reflection and transmission holograms are the two main types of hologram products that are produced using this special machinery and an inorganic compound.

Optical Media

Optical media like optical disks are another type of object produced by utilizing a microlithography beam system with hydrogen silsesquioxane resist. This process ensures that the optical media is usable for disk recording by forming pits for encoded binary data to land on its flat surface.

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