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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Microtech Automatic Knives

Upon opening up a knife, deciding which type of knife to purchase is often difficult. The best way to make an informed decision is by considering these factors when choosing Microtech automatic knives.

1. Blade Type

When deciding which knife to purchase, it is essential to consider the blade type. There are three types of blade styles that a user can choose from; flat-ground, convex-ground, and hollow-ground. It is important to note that all of these knives are good at different things; convex ground knives are made chiefly for slicing, hollow ground knives are ideal for small delicate cutting tasks, and flat ground knives are meant for general cutting needs as well as heavy-duty tasks.

2. Blade Edge Type

Automatic knives also have different types of blade edges. Users can choose from three advantages: hollow, vee, and drop. Hollow ground blades have a very sharp precision edge with a smooth surface, perfect for slicing and chopping. Vee edge blades have the advantage of curving gradually to the point and having tiny lateral movement, making them great for cutting soft items like paper, plastic, or cardboard. Best switchblade knives Drop curved blades have a blade that is curved sharply and has tiny lateral movement, making it great for heavy-duty meat-cutting tasks.

3. Handle Material

Another essential factor to consider is the handle material. There are three handle materials; plastic, tactical rubber, or aluminum, anodized with a carbon fiber finish. Plastic handles are lightweight and come in an array of colors. However, they are not very resistant to water or heat and can be slippery when wet. Best switchblade knives’ tactical rubber handles are molded around the knife’s blade, making it easier to maintain a firm grip on the knife even when wet. Aluminum handle anodized with carbon fiber is durable and easy to clean; they also provide excellent grip in any climate.

Microtech automatic knives are of excellent quality and a significant investment. Each blade has a solid trigger action, and each model is ideal for different tasks. With the proper consideration of these three factors, a user can make an informed decision as to which knife they should purchase. Contact viper tec knives on for the best deals on Microtech automatic knives.