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3 Signs You Need Solar Panel Repair in Orange County, CA

Chances are you chose solar energy to save money. Clean energy generates electricity efficiently and reduces carbon emissions. Occasionally, they may need some attention. Here are three signs you may need solar panel repair in Orange County, CA.

Broken Glass

Solar panels are designed to withstand most weather conditions, but debris like a fallen branch, heavy hailstones, or rocks may cause breakage every once in a while. If you notice any cracks, even if they seem minor, you should talk to a professional about solar panel repair Orange County, CA. It’s essential to repair the broken glass quickly to prevent water from getting inside and causing more damage.

Error Message on the Inverter

You should check your inverter about once a week to ensure it’s working correctly. If you notice it’s displaying an error message, there may be a problem with the panels or the inverter. An error message is your sign to call a knowledgeable professional who can determine the issue and fix it immediately.

Lower Power Production

After you’ve been on solar energy for a while, you’ll have a good idea of the average power production. You may need a repair professional if the output is lower than your expected average. It is usual for some drops to occur during cloudy or rainy days, but if it consistently produces lower energy, there may be a problem that needs attention.

If you notice these problems or need any other type of solar panel repair in Orange County, CA, visit the Enlightened Solar website to speak with a professional.